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"Emilia" is a bungalow without basement with the straight structure of the roof. Everything of that made that he is relatively cheap and very simple in the realization. That proved investors from neighborhood of Wrocław. The presented realization came into existence almost precisely according to the project purchased in the Design Studio Archipelag. Slight modifications concerned only a mirror reverse and making the building higher. Thanks to the simplicity of the project the build ran quickly and efficiently and investors were very satisfied from the executive team who undertook the realization of "Emilia". After building the house it already turned out that the plan of a house is very functional although it is a bungalow. Good arrangement of rooms bring a distinct division into the daily  and nocturnal part. Admittedly the house doesn't have too many utility rooms but it’s only a little defect. "Emilia" kept her unusual country character proposed in the project. Especially elements of the rafter framing which can see inside the house ,outside fireplace and the original wooden fence are heightening the impression of the rusticity character.

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