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The ARCHIPELAG Group creates over 90 people connected by a common passion and love to the architecture. Every single project is treated as a work of art – is drawing with vision, energy and commitment.

To the ARCHIPELAG Group belongs 3 companies about different specialties, that can fulfill every expectation in the architectural area:

  • Studio Artur Wójciak –author’s studio co-founder of the company Artur Wójciak. It specializes in public utility and commerce building’s projects: banks, office buildings, hotels, residences, individual projects.
  • Design Studio of Robert Wójciak – author’s studio co-founder of the company Robert Wójciak. Studio specializes in  multi-family conceptions of buildings and  housing estates, designed for companies and institutions orders.                           

Main base of the Group is Design Studio ARCHIPELAG that specializes in designing ready-made family house projects. We exist on the polish market since 1996, and on the European market since 2005 and we have become one of the most well-known company in this area. We offer more than 1000 home plans in different styles: classic, modern, energy efficient, bungalows, one-storied, with functional attic etc.

ARCHIPELAG is a constantly developing office - we look for new trends, base on experience of experts, cooperate with specialists of various branches. We do all of that to fulfill the demands of our clients and propose solutions that would fit their changing lifestyles. With the sense of their high demands and needs, each year we create new, innovative propositions. Because of the high preciseness in making projects and respect for our clients which we have in mind in our everyday work, the office has been one of the most known and appreciated offices proposing ready projects. Nevertheless, the leader position set the higher demands for us – we seek for better products, new technologies and still gain more experience.

          We have a number of common factors, that units ARCHIPELAG in all countries: experience of our specialists (architects, constructors, salespersons), careful analysis of the market, and our customer's needs - to make products right for everyone; a uniform website (one and the same design), where are presented all our projects; a paper catalogue published at least once a year and sold to the distribution points throughout the country; constantly seeking for better solutions – for us and our surrounding. We have a high sense of environmental responsibility and awareness of influences that our decisions bring to our lifestyles. We know that house often becomes the most important answer for our needs and demands, it reflects the character of the owner.

House begins from a good project.

ARCHIPELAG – you are at home!

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