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What does a house plan include?

We are selling an architectural work of art (in English) which can be an architectural plan. Architectural work contains plans, elevations and sections of the building. They are drawn to a scale of 1:100/1:50.

Plans include all dimentions of the covered areas.

The plan specifies the use of all parts of the building.

The plan shows water supply, sewerage and drainage lines.

The projection of the foundations - shows the exact distribution of the foundations, dimensions foundation.

The projection of the roof - shows the shape, dimensions of the roof, the angle of inclination of all its areas of deployment and roof windows, dormer, skylights and pipes runners.

Cross-sections- show all the characteristic elements of the building, they see the crossing after it along or across from the roof to the foundations, which is a layer of floors, ceilings, roof, the solution to certain parts of the building connections (for example, the walls of the ceiling, walls of the roof). At least one cross section is taken through the staircase.

Elevations - show the exact appearance of the front, back, sides of the house and a description of finishing materials.

Statements of doors and windows joinery door - a list and dimensions of windows and doors used in the project.

Architectural work described above is sold in AutoCAD or PDF and can only be used to build only one house. Construction part can be made using the architectural work.

Copyright of the architectural work is owned by "ARCHIPELAG".

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