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Realization: Bonifacy

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Bonifacio G2
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Bonifacy is friendly but it does not raise a trust at first sight, it is a good solution for people who value the simplicity and functionality of interior solutions. It was built four years ago near Piaseczno. After minor modifications made by investors - Zarzyckis who resigned from the garage, allocate it to guest room and room for a staff- the house gained individual character. The function of a garage took over a big shelter standing in front of the house, of which roof protect against rain, not only cars but also people visiting the house. Whole was designed as a comfortable living for parents and two adult sons, and for a housemaid. House has only a ground floor which is advantage because Mrs. Wiesława want to that move be held only on one level. "For people who never had health problems with walking, stairs are not a problem. But for someone who knew a wheelchair, stairs at home are an obstacle not to overcome. Thus, the basic assumption that our house will be a bungalow." - says Mrs Wiesława. In project designed closed kitchen and separate dining room large laundry and three bedrooms - one for parents with a large wardrobe and a separate bathroom and two smaller bedrooms with one shared bathroom. Mrs Wiesława, who professionally deals with interior design, modified this arrangement of rooms. First, she decided on the open kitchen and dining room join together with the living room, what added interior space and light. As a result, generally accessible part of a house is clear and spacious. Although the kitchen is separated from the living room an island is open, that not interfere with the conduct of an open house for guests!
There is a technological sequences of worktops, however, is the place for everything and everything has its place! A contribution are a large cupboard on one of the kitchen walls, which contains drawers, shelves, AGD equipment, dishes and pots. Also private part of a house was transformed assigning each bedroom a separate bathroom. "It is a very practical solution, the more that adult sons have their own guests live, which do not interfere in the daily activity of a house" - says Mrs. Zarzycka. Rarely found is a room for a staff - room for a housemaid, who lives permanently with the family. At home placed also the living room. For convenience both rooms and on daily part needs there is also the fourth bathroom. Interior design of Bonifacy is maintained in toned colors - off-white, beiges and creams. In the living room is a marble fireplace and behind him a hidden with a extendable door library. On the floors throughout the home and on the walls in the bathrooms were used also marble. The interiors are simply elegant. Technical solutions do not belong to a typical home. For example heating was installed in the walls so that they reflect the heat resulting in a healthy microclimate, in the bathroom heating parts was installed in the walls directly under mirrors what protects against mist up during bathing. Not a large plot with an area of 1,800 square meters seems a lot smaller especially since it has managed to fit the swimming pool size of 10 5x5 5 meters. "From the swimming pool we are very happy. In a summer is a pure pleasure. The rest of the year is a soothing view from the dining room and living room windows. That  doesn’t replace even the best picture on the wall" – adds Mrs Wiesława, who has a lot experience in the interior design.
It turns out that the beautiful selection of garden shrubs and plants, and land use planning throughout the plot is the work of mistress of the house, who doesn’t have experience and knowledge of plants has made extraordinary things - self-planned and planted all plants. "I do not use the service of companies specializing in the design of gardens. I only wanted that throughout the year, plants enjoyed us the various shades of green and somewhere red. Adding blue water in the background, gives a very soothing view" - says Mrs Wiesława. Bonifacy is a house for people who love the space, who are individualists valued modernity and comfort. Space of that house esteem also two dogs and two cats that are full members of the family. In this house everyone will find a place for himself.

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