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Realization date: 2005
We present realization of mirror reverse of house pan "Wisława". This is a big (approximately 200 m2 of usable area) bungalow with a built-in garage and loft in the attic. House was built in the neighborhood of Lubina (Lower Silesia region). In relation to the original project investor has changed [...]More


Realization date: 2004
Characteristic of many houses designed by Arthur Wójciak a combination of simple traditional solid with modern finish with help of modern materials. Equally distinctive are the various details that enrich the building block. More


Realization date: 2004
In presented realization of "Sandra" was made one major change in relation to original project-at the cost of covered parts of the terrace has been enlarged living room (about 7 m2). Also a disintegration of the inside changed where they resigned from one of rooms on the attic, made a void above [...]More


Realization date: 2004
Paula who araised near Jelenia Góra was acomplished almost precisely according to the project. Changes were connected only with the adaptation to local conditions and choosing by investors other colour of elevation than an architect proposed. Since Paula doesn't have built-in garage, by the [...]More


Realization date: 2004
The presented realization of the house has raised only half a year. It started in November and the closed building shell without finishing the elevation was ready after only two months, additionally in the winter right before the Christmas Eve. Thanks to building in the winter (provided she [...]More


Realization date: 2004
House in Trzcińsk was built as the award for winners of the second edition of “the House of Pole dreams” - competition organized by Archipelag and daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita". The presented realization differs a lot from the original plan what is caused mainly with specificity of the [...]More


Realization date: 2004
Investors adapting the Melania project to personal needs decided on the additional room in place of built in into the lump of building garage. Thanks to that, they got additional area without the necessity of the change of the appearance of the house. More

Kazia II

Realization date: 2004
It is a house, which superbly integrates into surroundings, especially amongst young birches. Both colours and the complicated lump of the building cause that the house is harmonizing with the landscape not forcing itself in spite of its impressive sizes. Facades in the considerable part [...]More


Realization date: 2004
In the presented realization enough major changes were implemented in relation to the original house plan - dormer windows of the type "eyebrow window" they replaced with roof windows. However it didn't adversely affect the appearance of the house. More


Realization date: 2004
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