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Will G1
Available house plan versions: Version 1 , Version 2 Author: Anna Marcjasz, Robert Wójciak
1. Vestibule3.33 m² 7. Wardrobe2.06 m²
2. Hall16.79 m² 8. Bedroom10.47 m²
3. Kitchen11.40 m² 9. Wardrobe5.06 m²
4. Pantry1.72 m² 10. Bathroom4.37 m²
5. Day-time stay room, dining-room37.49 m² 11. Utility room4.28 m²
6. Study10.38 m² 12. Garage19.85 m²
1. Corridor11.95 m² 5. Wardrobe3.44 m²
2. Room16.21 m² 6. Bathroom10.91 m²
3. Room18.13 m² 7. Laundry, drying room3.67 m²
4. Bedroom12.79 m² 8. Attic6.95 m²

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Usable area:180.17m²
Interior area:270.16m²
• Garage19.85m²
• boiler-room4.28m²
• BasementNone
• Attic6.95m²
house: with , traditional number of inhabitants : 4-6 garage: bay #1 fireplace: yes orangery: no Basement: no expansion: yes
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