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Lulu G1
Available house plan versions: Version 1 , Version 2 Author: Grzegorz Pik, Robert Wójciak
House plan - Lulu G1
House plans - Lulu G1
House plan parameters
Building area::
157.05 m²
Net volume::
595.14 m³
Building dimensions:
14.4x13.3 m
Lot dimensions (minimal):
23.4x25.1 m
Building height:
8.30 m
Roof angle:
Roof area:
261.1 m²
Technology and construction

House plan price: 629 € / 469 £

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Usable area:185.23m²
Interior area:281.79m²
• Garage20.96m²
• BasementNone
• AtticNone
house: with , traditional number of inhabitants : 4-5 garage: bay #1 fireplace: yes orangery: no Basement: no Building: stand alone house expansion: yes
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