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Author: Artur Wójciak
House plan - Arnold
House plans - Arnold
House plan parameters
Building area::
169.11 m²
Net volume::
745.13 m³
Building dimensions:
10.4x20.3 m
Lot dimensions (minimal):
18.4x31.5 m
Building height:
6.85 m
Roof angle:
Roof area:
168.0 m²
One-storey house without basement intended for 4 - 5-person family. Building about the straight line and the lucid structure and harmonious elevations with underlined with an axis of symmetry at the front and of the back. House of clean forms simple for persons not being afraid with the decisive dominating vertical and horizontal division. A ground floor is a daily zone with the tea appendix and the office and the garage to two cars. A floor is a night zone with the bedroom having parents independent the wardrobe and the bathroom. All rooms upstairs have leaving to the terrace.
Technology and construction
A house designed in bricks technology with suspended beam and block floor or openwork; flat roof covered with heat-weldable roofing paper. Internal wooden stairs.
Facades finished with flat plaster, stainless aluminum, glass with green shade. Woodwork doors and windows frame.

House plan price:

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Usable area:207.86m²
Interior area:301.82m²
• Garage32.21m²
• BasementNone
• AtticNone
house: multi-storied house, for the Courageous number of inhabitants : 4-6 garage: bay#2 fireplace: yes orangery: no Basement: no Building: stand alone house expansion: yes
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