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Lida G1
Author: Eryk T. Jankowski, Robert Wójciak
House plan - Lida G1
House plans - Lida G1
House plan parameters
Building area::
185.37 m²
Net volume::
387.10 m³
Building dimensions:
11.3x21.7 m
Lot dimensions (minimal):
19.3x35.0 m
Building height:
6.64 m
Roof angle:
Roof area:
284.5 m²
Technology and construction

House plan price: 499 € / 369 £

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Usable area:112.33m²
Interior area:141.53m²
• Garage19.08m²
• boiler-room6.47m²
• BasementNone
• AtticNone
house: one-storied, traditional number of inhabitants : 2-4 garage: bay #1 fireplace: yes orangery: no Basement: no Building: stand alone house expansion: yes
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