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Flat G2
Author: Artur Wójciak
House plan - Flat G2
House plans - Flat G2
House plan parameters
Building area::
315.39 m²
Net volume::
937.94 m³
Building dimensions:
22.7x19.6 m
Lot dimensions (minimal):
29.7x28.6 m
Building height:
4.60 m
Roof angle:
Roof area:
0.0 m²
A bungalow, without basement, with 2-stands garage, intended for 4-5-person family. A sizable dining room with kitchen is favoring him, being in an overhung part above the allocated car park for two cars. The functional agreement is transparent – a daily part occupies the center, the two side wings are bedrooms with bathrooms, dressing rooms and the study and the dining room. Taking the kitchen out is an interesting idea and of the dining room for half a level above the rest part of the house, thanks to from dining room we can observe a living room with winter gardens, occupying parts of the communication on both sides of living room. Winter gardens and corridors are more light up above from glazings covered with photovoltaic cells.
Technology and construction
A building designed in bricks technology with suspended beams and block floor and reverse flat roof. Internal wooden stairs.
Facades finished with mineral plaster and plastics siding. Aluminum ironwork window frames.

House plan price: 4199 € / 3149 £

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Usable area:262.83m²
Interior area:319.02m²
• Garage29.78m²
• boiler-room10.57m²
• utility room6.08m²
• Basement16.02m²
• AtticNone
house: one-storied, for the Courageous number of inhabitants : 4-5 garage: bay#2 fireplace: yes orangery: yes Basement: yes Building: stand alone house expansion: no
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