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Box G2
Author: Artur Wójciak
House plan - Box G2
House plans - Box G2
House plan parameters
Building area::
147.09 m²
Net volume::
866.86 m³
Building dimensions:
10.4x12.3 m
Lot dimensions (minimal):
18.4x28.4 m
Building height:
9.40 m
Roof angle:
Roof area:
0.0 m²
A one-storey house without basement, with 2-stands garage, intended for 5-person family with mezzanine on the highest floor. A daily zone is an open space from which only a larder, the wardrobe and the winter garden were allocated. The night zone upstairs consists of four rooms and two bathrooms. Mezzanine intended for technical purposes is located on the last level of the building. An utility zone is a garage and a room adjoining to it which is in a basement. The house was designed as high energy-efficient, with exploitation of recuperation, solar collectors, photovoltaic cells and heat pumps.
Technology and construction
A house was designed in bricks and framework technology.
Facades was made with mineral plaster. Internal wooden stairs. Aluminum ironwork window frames.

House plan price: 2799 € / 2099 £

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Usable area:182.76m²
Interior area:383.39m²
• Garage29.54m²
• Basement44.19m²
• AtticNone
house: multi-storied house, for the Courageous number of inhabitants : 4-5 garage: bay#2 fireplace: yes orangery: yes Basement: no Building: stand alone house expansion: yes
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